Language exchange

Dragon Education susi
          Dragon Education’s au pair from Slovakia, Veronika, is spending a nice afternoon with her Chinese host brothers. They have bought a new toy – colourful puzzles with beautiful pictures and English-Chinese names of various animals. They are playing with it and learning together! Veronika is teaching English names to her host brothers and at the same time she is learning Chinese! Boys love animals that is why they are grasping new words very fast. This is how language exchange looks like! Our host families have au pairs, who are like English teachers, at their home all the time while our au pairs have the chance to be with native Chinese speakers all the time. This is the best way to learn this challenging language because our au pairs have the chance to listen to it and to use it everyday! Moreover, they also attend Chinese classes during which they improve their Chinese skills with qualified Chinese speakers. Being an au pair in China is a great thing!