It’s time to go home!

Dragon Education susi
         Our au pair from Germany, Elisa, picks her Chinese sister, Sweet, from kindergarden. This is the best moment of the day for little Sweet since she can finally see her foreign sister! Elisa helps Sweet to get dressed. It is winter so they have lots of clothes to put on. But it is also a great way to teach Sweet some new English words describing winter clothes! Having got dressed, girls come back home. They go for a short walk to and to the bakery to buy some delicious cookies. Little Sweet loves such afternoons! On the way back home Elisa keeps repeating English words. Not only do the girls repeat previously learnt vocabulary, but they also learn many new words! For little Sweet it is natural to keep using English with her foreign sister. After coming back home, girls have delicious dinner. What a nice afternoon! It is so great to have an au pair accompanying you everyday!