Family reunion and European cookies

Dragon Education susi
         Dragon Education want to make sure that our au pairs are happy in China. That is why we encourage them to invite their family members to visit them in China. This way au pairs do not feel homesick, they can spend some joyful time with their family and their family members can travel in China. Au pairs have the chance to introduce their family to their Chinese host family and that is how the family reunion begins! Here, Dana’s mother from Slovakia has come to visit Dana and her Chinese host family. Dana’s mum loves Chinese family, especially Dana’s Chinese sister, PaoPao, whom she treats like her own granddaughter. Now they are making European cookies together. Dana and her mum are teaching PaoPao and PaoPao’s two aunts how to make these cookies. The girls are having lots of fun and enjoy themselves very much. Despite different cultures and languages, they treat each other like family members. That is what a real cultural exchange looks like!